About Reagan Houston, MS, PE

Therapy is painful and expensive these days because we have forgotten Mother Nature. In the last hundred years we have learned much about vitamins and nutrition. However doctors use expensive, patented drugs for diseases that nutrition can often control painlessly at less cost. This blog aims to sort out the best therapies based on effectiveness, comfort and cost. Sometimes vitamins are best, sometimes drugs are best and sometimes the integrated combination is best. For many diseases such as cancer, doctors are required by FDA to use regular or standard therapies. For cancer this is surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and occasionally hormone therapies. Doctors are not allowed to suggest or prescribe vitamins or nutrition. Discipline from FDA could include fines or lost of license to practice. I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer 15 years ago. My doctor offered radiation but I refused. I studied and started vitamin C, other vitamins and minerals. My doctor said, "Not Approved," but I continued Dr. Hoffer's multivitamins. Result: no radiation, no surgery, no chemo, no pain, no lost body parts, and no expensive trips to the hospital. This memo explains that FDA regulations do not apply to patients. They are allowed to take nutrients. These are effective against all types of cancer and all stages. They can prevent or treat early stage cancers without side effects. Nutrition can allow early cancer detection and treatment, but prevent early detection from leading to hazardous overtreatment. Nutrients strengthen the body in preparation for regular treatments if that should be necessary. During regular treatments, nutrients protect normal cells and aid the killing of most cancer cells, all while decreasing pain. When regular therapies fail, nutrients can often cut pain and increase life somewhat. Nutrition by a few types of pills can control many diseases including heart and stroke. My web site is www.cancertherapies.org.

In Memoriam


Reagan Houston, MS, PE (professional chemical engineer) died peacefully in his sleep on October 13, 2022.  He almost made it to his 100th birthday on Christmas Day this year.  

He taught me the importance of family, the Scouting rule to “leave the campsite better than the way you found it,” and a strong faith in something bigger than ourselves.  He modeled his belief in the benefits of laughter, especially at himself, and, well known for his puns, he enjoyed the groans they elicited. Committed to personal learning, he shared his belief in the use of vitamins to heal the body well into his mid 90s.  

Sheltering in place revealed his dementia.  Even as he lost many of his capacities, he never lost his kind, gentle manner, his sense of humor, his desire to help and his faith in his God. In my mind he is now eating ice cream with my mom who has been staffing Heaven’s Welcome Table since 2012. 

He was a professional chemical engineer with 18 registered patents on air purification. He worked for Linde Air Products, a Division of Union Carbide in Buffalo NY, BF Goodrich in Avon Lake, Ohio and helped start Aztec Chemicals in Elyria, Ohio. He retired to Hendersonville, NC. He loved his family, camping, travel, good friends, good stories, play, fixing anything and everything. His optimism is in my DNA, and it has made my life full of wonder.

Please share your memories of Dad on https://shulerfuneralhome.com/obituary/reagan-houston/#tribute-wall.  They will be gratefully treasured and re-read often.  

You can honor Dad by taking your Vitamin C daily and donating to Four Seasons Hospice or a community organization that supports low income, vulnerable or marginalized communities.

With much love and gratitude,

Lynn Houston Baskett