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Therapy is painful and expensive these days because we have forgotten Mother Nature. In the last hundred years we have learned much about vitamins and nutrition. However doctors use expensive, patented drugs for diseases that nutrition can often control painlessly at less cost. This blog aims to sort out the best therapies based on effectiveness, comfort and cost. Sometimes vitamins are best, sometimes drugs are best and sometimes the integrated combination is best. For many diseases such as cancer, doctors are required by FDA to use regular or standard therapies. For cancer this is surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and occasionally hormone therapies. Doctors are not allowed to suggest or prescribe vitamins or nutrition. Discipline from FDA could include fines or lost of license to practice. I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer 15 years ago. My doctor offered radiation but I refused. I studied and started vitamin C, other vitamins and minerals. My doctor said, "Not Approved," but I continued Dr. Hoffer's multivitamins. Result: no radiation, no surgery, no chemo, no pain, no lost body parts, and no expensive trips to the hospital. This memo explains that FDA regulations do not apply to patients. They are allowed to take nutrients. These are effective against all types of cancer and all stages. They can prevent or treat early stage cancers without side effects. Nutrition can allow early cancer detection and treatment, but prevent early detection from leading to hazardous overtreatment. Nutrients strengthen the body in preparation for regular treatments if that should be necessary. During regular treatments, nutrients protect normal cells and aid the killing of most cancer cells, all while decreasing pain. When regular therapies fail, nutrients can often cut pain and increase life somewhat. Nutrition by a few types of pills can control many diseases including heart and stroke. My web site is www.cancertherapies.org.

Diabetes Therapy, 3 old

Diabetes Therapy-3-old

Reagan Houston, MS, PE   5/16/2017

Early Draft   To be revised for Townsend Letter.15

Diabetes disease kills over 76,000 people a year in the U.S.

            Type 2 Diabetes occurs when the body does not properly metabolize glucose in cells outside the brain. The blood may have sufficient glucose, insulin and vitamin C, but glucose cannot enter cells.1, 4 Normally the brain tells the pancreas gland to make more insulin when the glucose level in the blood is too high. Cell membranes throughout the body have receptors that receive the key signals from insulin to consume more glucose. But corrupt membranes may not have enough receptors (or permeability) to receive sufficient insulin. 4, 12, 13

Without the insulin signal, glucose consumption in cells stays low. This causes glucose and insulin to build up even further in the blood, a harmful situation. Without glucose entering cells the body is short of energy.

Trans fats or hydrogenated fats are in the common foods we have been eating for years without any problems (we thought). Every cell in our body is surrounded by a semi-permeable membrane that has a layer of fat in it. 5 After decades of consuming trans fats, 13 these membranes can become corrupted. Cells need omega-3 type normal fatty acids to maintain and repair the fatty membrane layer but cells will use trans fats if normal fats are not available. Unfortunately, trans fats have a different physical shape and can make the fatty layer stiff and less permeable. Eventually some group of cells may become damaged enough to hinder the intake of glucose and diabetes and Type 2 results. Fortunately, the cell membranes can often be repaired by simply changing the diet. 5,13

Table 1. Therapy for Diabetes Type 2
Thiamine, Vitamin B1

Benfotiame 32

250 mg x4
Pyridokas5 phosophate PSP 100 mg 35
Magnesium, organic 36 450
Acetyl-L-carnitine, mg

More if pain

1,000 +


Vitamin C, mg
Vitamin D-3, IU 5,000
Vitamin B complex 100 one
Vitamin E, natural, IU

d-alpha tocopherols

Fish oil or omega-3 pills, mg 4,000
Weight control 37  
Exercise 37-Hoffer  
Less processed carbohydrates  
Vitamin C, mg 2,000-3,000


            Therapy of diabetes Type 2 starts by decreasing or stopping the intake of trans fats, Table 1. To rebuild the fatty acid layer in the cell membranes, we need natural, omega-3 fatty acids commonly available from fish oil or flaxseed oil. 19 A normal diet cannot provide enough omega-3 fat for therapy. We also need sufficient vitamins C and E.13 We need vitamin C because its lack may have started the process of corrupting cell membranes. Other supplements are helpful and may speed up the healing process.

For Type 2 diabetes, recovery may take 4 months to a year or more, depending partly on how completely the trans fats are eliminated from the diet and on supplements taken.

Alzheimer’s Disease           

            Some people believe Alzheimer’s disease may be Type 3 diabetes where diabetes attacks the brain rather than the eyes or muscles.20

            Alzheimer’s disease, AD, is well studied but results have been disappointing.


            The basic problem is to get glucose from the blood through the membrane and into cells that need it. High blood pressure and high concentration of insulin attempt to cram glucose into the cells. Unfortunately this cramming causes pain and other bad side effects of diabetes. The original problem started when trans fats corrupted the membrane. The obvious solution is to provide sufficient omega-3 fatty acid to repair the membrane. ((Lindsey noted that his supplements decrease the symptoms but were not a cure. He did not suggest taking omega-3 fatty acid.)) Some researchers suggest 3 fish oil pills daily. The composition of fish oil depends on the type of fish. Companies now know how to separate fish oil into its parts to sell stronger or weaker ”fish oil” pills while making more money. The useful parts of fish oil are EPA and DHA,

eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexanoic acid. A good fish oil might contain 800 to 1,000 mg of EPA and DHA. A safe dose might be one to four pills with more pills if the actual pills were not full strength. Many pill bottles list a serving size of two and then list amount of each serving.


Lindsey in Table 1 lists the supplements he used. He found that after 7 days his diabetes pains started to decrease and after 3 weeks his “pain was mostly gone!”


These therapies use over the counter, low cost un-patentable items. Drug companies cannot reasonably spend millions to get omega-3 fatty acids approved by the Food and Drug Administration, FDA. unless pushed by the public. Fortunately, essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are not well controlled by FDA so they can tried by patients. They can ask their doctors if the supplements in Table 1 are harmful. Your doctor may say they are not approved but that is a political comment. Ask if they are harmful.

The supplements listed in Table 1 are also helpful toward controlling cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The Merck Manual reports that 80% of diabetics eventually die of heart and blood disorders.


            Stopping trans fats and starting a diet high in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins might slow down or even reverse diabetes Types 2. A good diet low in sugars, trans fats and processed foods is essential. The procedure looks safe and simple but good medical supervision is recommended.

I do not expect main line medicine to ever spend money to develop cheap therapies for diabetes or Alzheimer’s diseases without great push from patients and their families. Fortunately patients can spend their own time on a possible therapy. Waiting for tests that may never be run is not helpful.


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