Pain Control

Pain relief is desperately needed by many chronically sick people. Medical drugs are a wonderful help until used excessively. Both medical and street drugs are adsorbed into the opiate receptors. Ewan Cameron (1) had advanced cancer patients who were taking large doses on narcotics but still in great pain. Aiming to control the cancer, he administered large doses of sodium ascorbate, a form of vitamin C. Five of his first such patients found that their pain was almost disappeared and they no longer asked for narcotics. They had no side effects from stopping the narcotics.

According to Drs. Alfred Libby and Irwin Stone, vitamin C appears to be absorbed into the opiate receptors where it displaces the narcotic and the pain. The opiate receptors may have become part of our brains thousands of years ago to preserve vitamin C in the body.

What can help people now? Cameron typically gave 10 grams (10,000 mg) per day even up to 40 grams of sodium ascorbate. Libby, a family doctor, treated street addicts with 25 to 80 grams (2.3 to 8 tablespoons) per day of sodium ascorbate powder dissolved in milk. One incoherent patient became coherent in 45 minutes after consuming 30 grams of ascorbate. Another very sick cancer patient took about 100,000 grams in a day of a 50-50 mixture of sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid dissolved in water. He improved from painfully bedridden to walking some in the yard. I strongly recommend that patients work with their doctor for their safety to keep electrolytes and nutrition in balance. The doctor may check for a rare immune deficiency of glucose-3-phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme, especially before giving IV sodium ascorbate.

For healthy people, vitamin C at 3 or 4 grams/day may cause diarrhea. Pain control doses of ascorbate rarely cause diarrhea because sick patients need the massive dose for healing. Therefore, when pain patients get diarrhea or loose bowels, they should gradually decrease the ascorbate dose as necessary.

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