Cancer Therapy Is Easy


Reagan Houston, MS, PE

Professional Chemical Engineer

August 10, 2017

Modern cancer therapy is complicated with dozens of types

of cancer that mutate into hundreds of new forms and

often needing new therapies, and all treated with poisons.


  But cancer therapy can be simpler:


All cancers feed by eating glucose mostly.

We have a safe food that is poisonous to cancer!

Vitamin C, as ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate.

Ascorbate is similar to glucose in size and shape.

Cancers voraciously eat both glucose and ascorbate.

The ascorbate forms hydrogen peroxide

Normal cells limit the intake of glucose and ascorbate.

Normal cells have an enzyme that removes peroxide.

Vitamin C can kill most cancers, including mutated ones.


Vitamin C and other vitamins have kept my aggressive

prostate cancer in remission for 20 years. I never needed

nor had surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.


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